Grief Support

Grief Support

The following are some tools available to assist you in your healing journey. Contact us to discuss other resources and find a personalized solution to support you on the road to recovery.

Larry Poncho Brown Fundraiser for Whole Heart


 The Whole Heart Center is presenting a special opportunity to collect a

limited-edition, signed, and numbered, 27″ X 36″ print, “Windows of Faith”,

by the renowned African American artist, Larry Poncho Brown, priced at $100.00. 

For the print, Whole Heart will receive 50% of the proceeds. For further information,

please contact (866) 393-5847. We look forward to hearing from you!



365 Days of Healing

With our daily emails of comfort and hope, you will feel supported knowing we’re here to walk with you through your journey of grief.

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Just One of Many

Here’s one example of our 365 Days of Healing emails, designed to offer advice, tell stories, and otherwise help you heal.

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Grief & Healing Websites



GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences.

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Web Healing

Web Healing offers grief discussion boards where you can talk with others who are grieving or browse recommended books on grief.

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The Compassionate Friends

Whether your family has had a child die (at any age, from any cause), or you are helping those who have gone through this life-altering experience, The Compassionate Friends exists to provide friendship, understanding, and hope to those going through the grieving process as a parent.

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With AARP you’ll find articles, discussions, and helpful information on dealing with end-of-life care, the challenges faced by caregivers, and how to deal with grief after a loss.

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Children & Grief

When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to know how to help kids cope with the loss, particularly as you work through your own grief. By being open and honest, encouraging communication, and sharing your own feelings, you and your children can cope with painful times and begin your healing journey together.

The following links provide more detailed information on topics related to helping children and teens cope with loss.

When Families Grieve™

This guide was created by Sesame Workshop, the educational organization behind Sesame Street. It explores children's understanding of death and offers information about communicating, ideas for coping together, and ways to move forward with your children after a loss.

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Helpful Children's Books

This list from Allina Health recommends children’s books that deal with death and grief. There are suggestions for children of all ages, from preschool to age 12. They also have books for different types of losses, such as the loss of a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend, or pet. With these books, you can start a meaningful conversation with your child and help them understand their feelings

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More Advice

Here you'll find a Huffington Post article by Judith Acosta containing advice and guidance from her book Verbal First Aid, which counsels parents on ways to help kids heal from fear and pain in a variety of situations, including the death of a loved one. If you find the advice in the article helpful, you may want to read her book for even more insight.

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Whole Heart Grief & Life Resource Center

Our vision is to inspire a self-care revolution by being a catalyst for healing, touching people’s hearts and expanding their minds as they manage the emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and financial aspects of life and loss. In doing so, our mission is to provide tools to help individuals identify needs, understand options, make positive choices, and navigate their journey through life and loss.

Denise Rollins (Founder)

Denise is a Survivor. For Denise Rollins, life was shattered in 1995, when a drunk driver killed her mother. Denise was devastated and felt she’d “died” in that accident. While feeling sorry for herself, Denise heard her mother’s voice telling her to stop being a victim. That ‘s when she changed her perspective and her approach. Despite later enduring the sudden losses of her son, aunt, and husband, Denise is no longer death’s victim. Instead, she is a Survivor who honors her loved ones by helping others to heal.

Two free grief sessions for our families and monthly grief support group.

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