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Stonewall Jackson Motley

A true Veteran served in 3 wars.  

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My father...

I am sitting here writing what will ultimately be partly my father Stonewall Jackson Motley’s obituary and introduction to all of you of the man I call Dad. I am also simultaneously waiting for the suffering to end, listening as he gasps and struggles to even catch what’s left of his breath. This has to be the hardest task I have had to endure but here goes…… I would like each of you to know the hero I simply called Dad.

 Dad is a 96 year old WWII, Korean and Vietnam Vet. He started out in the Army and ended his career in the AirForce. Dad was with the 12th Armored Division which at the time was one of only two Armored divisions that had African Americans integrated into it where he fought on the front line, earning his Combat Infantry Badge.  They were nicknamed the Hellcats and he also helped to free the Holocaust survivors. He served under General Patton in the Third Army and also was with the 7th Army nicknamed  Seven Steps to Hell. He also drove for the Red Ball Express. This was a famed truck convoy that supplied Allied forces through Europe after coming out from D-Day beaches in Normandy.

The irony of it all is that I never even knew Dad was the hero he is. He never spoke or bragged about his time in the service. He came to stay with me 4 ½ years ago and I had to send off for his DD214 and this was how I discovered Dad the Legend. He never spoke of any of it. Dad served his country for 23 years and got out and worked driving buses in Manhattan NY and served as a corrections officer in Lorton, Virginia.

Dad and I have had twenty months of hell.  December 16, 2015, my only son was murdered, two days later Dad suffered a stroke and eight months later, his youngest son was murdered. Six months ago Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer that spread to both arm, legs, shoulders, spleen and spine and renal kidney failure. He was told at that time that he had a mere days to live. I brought him home from the rehab and told him what the doctor said and he had a very long life and if he was ready to give up, he could. Dad looked me in my eye and said, “Who’s ready?”….I then prayed over him and anointed his body everywhere man said he had cancer and GOD and Dad took it from there. He started eating again, gained 30-40 pounds back. His physical therapist told me on a Friday to be realistic that he would never walk again, three days later he walked.

We have been so blessed to have our local Fire Department, Junior’s Fire Company Station 2 and the Paramedics come every time Dad had to go and take a cancer treatment. They asked me to call 911 and they would come and carry him downstairs in the stair chair every time I needed them. We also had help from FMH home health  and Home Instead. This was definitely a collaborative effort on all parts to preserve and care for dad as we did. He also has a pretty nice fan based on FB who prays for him and encourages me to keep going.

I would appreciate any help we can get to make sure my Dad has a hero’s send off. Dad required around the clock care so my full time job was caring for him making me not able to work outside the home.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Sarah Coleman

The family is asking for the community’s help with impending funeral expenses.  An account has been set up with Capital One where donations to help with funeral costs can be made in Stonewall Jackson Motley's or Sarah Coleman's name. Donations may also be made with the Gary L. Rollins Funeral Home by stopping by at 110 W. South Street, Frederick, MD. by calling us at 301-662-5520 or by securely DONATING HERE via credit card.